3D animation

This is the story of a rag doll called Jack, who with the assistance of a toy R2D2 and a wooden train, gets to experience life without being a floppy doll.
The animation is too big to load to this server so here are some screenshots.


Nicole has also directed and produced several short films.


2016 Respectful Relationships

Helen's funeral slide show (7:13 mins)

A Spanner in the Works (2:42 mins)

Island of Lost Soles (2:48 mins)

Eleven Project - Grampians National Park (2:16 mins)

NP Design Ident (10 secs)

Who lives in all these houses?, a short journey of discovery looking at just some of the people who live in some of the houses around Melbourne.

This film is too big to put on this server.


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